Who should we listen to when it comes to the veil?

Why even pose this question? The context is an argument between @monaeltahawy and @ConfessionsExMu on Twitter. Mona attended the conference Ake Arts and Book Festival (#akefest18) in Lagos where she basically said, “unless you’re a Muslim woman, shut the fuck up about the veil!” @ConfessionsExMu believes that we should all work together and no one… Continue reading Who should we listen to when it comes to the veil?


The power of belly dancing

I wrote this probably a year ago. I've been lazy and I miss belly dancing so much. Hopefully, I'll find something in the area soon as online classes are really not the real deal! “Sometimes in life confusion tends to arise and only dialogue of dance seems to make sense.” – Shah Asad Riz An… Continue reading The power of belly dancing

About me

Back from Europe

I am back from Europe and my beloved London. There were so many things I wanted to do, but only so many things I got around doing. There’s one moment I kept imagining before I went on this trip, the moment when I got off the airplane with Layali. How I would breathe in London’s… Continue reading Back from Europe