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Reflections – ’tis the holiday season 5

Hope, everyone had a nice Christmas! I’ve only started celebrating Christmas in my adult life, not so long ago really. My parents have never celebrated it (as we’re a Muslim family). We were grateful for the days off and spent it with family, but without a big dinner or any other kind of big ruckus.… Continue reading Reflections – ’tis the holiday season 5


The theory of everything – ’tis the holiday season 4

This is an extremely positively painted tale of Stephen’s and Jane’s life together. A fairy tale, you could say. Its positivity and hopefulness did make me think, what if the main character had been played by a disabled actor? What if our world was that fa(i)r? Why isn’t it? Wouldn’t that have been the cherry… Continue reading The theory of everything – ’tis the holiday season 4

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Muslim women are not monolithic…

Please have a look at this voice, that should be heard by everyone, who'd like to broaden their horizons in terms of what a Muslim woman could be like, my journey with sexuality. This blog is full of articles, that show, that Muslim women are not a homogenous group. They are different and not only… Continue reading Muslim women are not monolithic…