‘Tis the holiday season 2: The way I die – Monica Mehengat

I’m sure, all of us know people, who do amazing things. Today I’d like to show some support to my friend Monica, who made a great short movie. It’s title is The way I die.

Imagine, you only had two phone calls to save yourself. Who would you call?

I met Monica 8 years ago. Both of us had just come to London. I remember her telling me about her movie script writing. Well, now she has made a whole movie. That’s her first baby. And I’m very proud of her! Keep up the good work, Monica.

Here you can find the movie and watch it.

I’m sure, all of us know people, who are starting out to follow their dreams. Please do show some active support. If the support is not there, it can be really hard to create something.  Or to keep going. 

I’m sure, you also know someone, who could need some support. Spread the love! ‘Tis the holiday season after all 😉

And if you’re one of the people, who are thinking or daydreaming about following your dream, well, it’s the end of the year. Always a good time to reflect on, what you have done with this year and what you would like to do. Or what you would like to focus on. And how to take the first steps towards it. Baby steps even…

Last year, I was planning out my blog, and now I have it right in front of me and am publicly working on it. And I’m just getting started as well! To quote a German saying, “Nothing comes from nothing.” And it’s not about merely achieving a goal, it’s more about you doing you. If you’re doing that, you’ll be just fine.

What’s your dream? What would you like to accomplish? Or who would you like to be? (Let me know, if you need some support or encouragement. Honoured to provide it!)

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