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Another edit done! – do I have to edit my whole blog?! – ’tis the holiday season 3

Isn’t it weird, how sometimes when we write something and don’t have the right expression to hand immediately, take a vocabulary that’s commonly used when talking about whatever we’re talking about, but it just feels plain wrong?

I just edited (edit as in hit the edit-button ;)) another blog post, but when I used the expression last week, I already felt it wasn’t the right one. Now – inspired by Zainab Salbi and pushed to see what was wrong with it, I actually understood what it was. I’m reading “Freedom is an inside job” and it feels like just what I need right now. Having it started just, I can only say, it encourages you to have a look inside.

Now, I’m at a weird spot. I live in a new country, that I don’t want to live in, have decided to find some work, and after each break from the working world I took so far, there’s this one question: what do I really want to do? In the past, I’ve never fully faced it. I kinda started stirring within me and got to where I was able to say, “Not doing that again…” BUT! It stops there usually. London is fast-paced, to the point that even when I wasn’t looking for work, I found work. I do have the feeling, that this won’t happen here so easily. Yes, it was a very privileged life style! 

So, partly I’ve started doing, what is really important to me. Writing and learning more about women’s rights. Reading – a lot. Just soaking up as much as possible, because it helps me sorting my understanding of the world and how it works. Also – I believe, that everyone who is in a position to stand up for something, should do that. And of course, having a daughter and wanting her to live in a “better world”, is motivation as well.

Now, what is she going on about? What did she edit? In the conclusion of my last post, I asked people to reflect on what they achieved last year and what they want to achieve in the next one. “Achieve.” Or accomplish. We tend to measure our success by our achievements. And I don’t even believe in this concept. But I fully live by it. I find my self-value in what I achieve. I feel acknowledged, when my accomplishments get acknowledged. According to Zainab Salbi, “When we value ourselves because of what we accomplish and how much we accomplish, our souls are forever held hostage to these attachments.”

Achievements aren’t enough to fulfill us, so really it requires a deep look within ourselves to find our true calling. Our purpose. I’ll take the holiday break to reflect and look within myself. Defo!

What are your plans for the holidays? Have you found your true calling?

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