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‘Tis the holiday season: First mummy steps!

Part 1 of 'tis the holiday season (a series of reflections about the past year and the future to come): my 1st year as a mum! Well, how did that go?

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#metoo – sexism in the recruitment industry

Most companies, I worked for in London, were small businesses. In recruitment, you work hard, and you spend a lot of time with your colleagues. You go out for drinks, sometimes even at lunch time, you have regular company dos and high-flyer-trips, if you’ve hit or exceeded your target. As this work puts a lot… Continue reading #metoo – sexism in the recruitment industry

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Can we all be feminists? – Intersectional Feminist Anthology

The book is an essay collection of 17 writers with diverse backgrounds, who all have fought with feminism and its definition. It’s illuminating, because even when you think you’re trying to be inclusive, there’s always an intersection that you might miss. The anthology speaks volumes, because it lends an ear to underrepresented voices.  Feminism is… Continue reading Can we all be feminists? – Intersectional Feminist Anthology