Let’s troll big corporations!

This is really a rhetoric question to me at the moment: Who delivers the shittiest customer service ever? Google Fiber! Since last Saturday we have no internet. Now, what has Google Fiber done so far? Not enough. Their client service is mostly untrained personnel that does not seem to be happy to work there. Why I’d say that? You can tell from interacting with them that they won’t show any care or empathy. You can tell that they have no interest in dealing with you. What do you do in a client-focused job if that’s going to be your attitude? Simple measures I’ve learned from working in client-serving roles in the UK for a split second, they haven’t even heard of. I actually don’t get why people would praise the customer service in the US. The service has consistently been below par and below anything I’ve ever experienced in the UK. If you want to learn Sales and how to make a customer happy, go to school in the UK. They outperform everything I’ve ever experienced.

But that’s only a note on the side, my concern today is around the big corporations we have to put up with. The greedy fuckers that are trying to stay above the water, and with above water I mean ensuring their revenue is growing consistently into never conquered heights. It doesn’t matter where we turn to, almost every industry has a few big corporations which are fighting for every god-damn penny we harbour in our pockets. I’d say one thing to you: Troll them!

If you’re unhappy with the service, don’t put up with it, troll them. If they charge too much, don’t put up with it, channel your anger directly at them. Release it on them! And if you think, but it won’t reach them lot at the top, it’ll only get to the service slaves like you and me. Well, right, but eventually it’ll be communicated to the top. The more we resist and shout out and point at those greedy fuckers, the louder it’ll smack them eventually. Don’t forget that them greedy lot are about driving out competitors. Why? They’re like a cis white male, that is desperately fighting equality from happening. ‘Cause equality would mean they lost a big chunk of their stupid white privilege! Monopolies mean a less democratic and more destructive market. Since December 2016 more than 129 million Americans have only one option for internet service in their area. How is this customer-friendly? How is this fair? Do those modern-day empires really need help with keeping their places at the top? They’re mainly centred on revenue, so being able to deliver shitty service because there’s no competition, well, obviously that will help! It’s just oh so cheap.

Does a start-up get any kind of protection like this? Of course, not. Corporations make it harder and harder every day to break into their markets. We shouldn’t reward that behaviour. We should be loud and tell them that their practices are not ok. If they don’t serve the customer, and only themselves, then we shouldn’t buy their products anymore. Of course, that’s easier said than done. What do you do if you literally don’t have any other option? Call them out and troll them! Bother them! Antagonize them! Don’t make it easy for them to get by with their horrible practices. And obviously, get involved in fucking politics! Support politics/policies that support yourself and people like you. Vote unfamiliar! Don’t make it a game about sides and which side you and your families have traditionally been on. Politics is not about sides, it’s about content. It’s about solving issues, and it’s about what a party will do about a specific issue. So learn to think in a critical manner and questions everything and everyone!

Hold businesses accountable for their practises. It has worked in the past. Companies like Starbucks have learned, that the customer has a voice, too. Starbucks started a campaign “Race together” to encourage every day customers to talk about race. All of us will agree that race is a very sensitive topic. You shouldn’t force people to talk about it, you don’t know what it’ll we awaken in them. Social media users made sure to express their opinion on the campaign, and Starbucks ended it after barely a week. 

The truth is social media empowers individuals. It can amplify your voice, take it out into the world and make it heard. Like when posts and tweets go viral? Don’t be afraid to use your voice especially when you’re angry. Don’t keep it in, be loud and make yourself heard. Honestly, if we want the world to become a more equal, more just place, we’ll have to fight a massive fight. Every little chipping away will help. Social media representatives will try to defuse the situation, as the word can spread quickly like a fire online. But isn’t it amazing that there are social media representatives that know of your power and will take you seriously? Nowadays, it’s almost easier to get heard there than over the phone. It’s marketing really. Who else is a better customer than the one who was won back over?

So, you have a voice. Use it and shout at the greedy fuckers. This is how everyone can contribute to a better world. Don’t let anyone put you down. What have I learned from this internet downtime? It’s just another thing where the US chooses to play into the arms of a few rich people. Another symptom of capitalism running rampant. Honestly, if people were only half as scared of capitalism as socialism… The world would be a better place.

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