About the blog

My blog is a mix of book reviews, opinions, experiences and my own life. I love reading; and around a year ago I started my research into feminist literature from the Middle East. Now I’ve furthered my studies and I’m literally looking into everything, that catches my attention. But it was important to me to start where my roots were. To understand, whether feminists over there existed, what they fought for and struggled with.

During this journey I’ve discovered different things. Why have I always fought with the term feminism? Why is it so hard to make myself heard in a world, that is conditioned to silence women? What kind of revolution does the Middle East need? But I’ve also tried to reflect on my own life, and what struggles I’ve been through recently or in the past. The topics I’m discussing more recently are rather political: Abortion and Education.

But this is really just the start. There’s so much more to discover and to get a better understanding of. Whether it’s intersectional feminism, inclusivity, how racism is structural and why we need to look within ourselves to free ourselves from everything that could possibly shackle us. And I’d love it, if you’d come back as a reader and share your thoughts with me as well. Your thoughts and experiences on these topics, but also on other things, that are on your mind! Let’s even make it an open discussion. We shall grow together and help each other 🙂 And obviously, always feel free to disagree loudly.

You can drop a comment or drop me a line (click on contact), and you can also find me on facebook and twitter, if that’s more your terrain.

If you have any questions or there’s anything you’d like me to write about from my point of view, please do let me know. Looking forward to hearing your feedback and it’s very much appreciated! Always.

Thank you x