About me

I grew up in a free and oppressive environment. Those attributes are not necessarily a contradiction when you grow up as a woman. There is no country in the world yet, where this would be a contradiction. Hence the need to write about women and their voices.

I also grew up in between a myriad of different opinions. There were people around me, who were followers of a very religious way of living. There were people around me, who questioned everything and challenged me to question my way of being. There were people, who were merely seeking to understand life and to find their own way. And there were women, who reminded us that the struggle was still real. Violence against women. Gender wage gap. Poverty. Human Trafficking. Female Genital Mutilation. Under-representation or complete absence in politics. Just to name a few.

How can that not make you angry and concerned? How could you ignore it, when it has affected you every single day? It has formed and shaped who you are. It’s shaping who you will be. And it has shaped your family as well. As a lot of women in your family are pretty much not speaking up. The older generation of women in your family tend to be rather unhappy. They indulge in a sorrow and excuse it with a man’s interpretation of Islam. As you suffer and go along, you increase your chances of entering heaven. The earthly life suddenly doesn’t matter as much anymore, if there is an afterlife, which will last forever. While lots of religious leaders in Islam – mainly male – carry on and actively support the abuse and oppression of women, lots of women submit to it, because they are brainwashed into believing that it’s, what a good woman must do. They remain silent and therefore make life in the now extra-special for men.

Speaking up is vital. Especially in a time where alpha-males all over the world try to mingle with our affairs. Each woman has a voice and it’s an act of rebellion to make yourself heard. This extends to all religions and all societies and far beyond my experience. Patriarchy is far from being dead.

Let’s bring it down together. In our minds. In our lives, and in our society. And I’d like to do that together with you here on my blog. I will share my thoughts (book reviews, general issues, but also my own life experience and opinions) and you’re invited to “add your mustard” (German saying meaning to give your 2 cents) to everything, but not limited to, what I’m saying.