About me

Zainab Ali is a feminist writer who focuses on intersectionality and cultural issues in fiction and non-fiction. She is based in the US and the UK.

It took Zainab some soul searching and travelling to find her own voice and allow herself to shout it out and share. She believes that each one of us has a voice, and only by sharing it can we truly connect with other human beings. She’s seeking to amplify minority voices specifically as they often enough find themselves silenced.

East and West mix and the mix is what makes Zainab. She was born, in 1980, in Duisburg, Germany. Her parents are originally from Iraq, and they gifted her with the value of seeking knowledge. A German History teacher taught her to embrace critical thinking fully early on.

Patriarchy is everywhere and doesn’t discriminate based on someone’s origin. It can be found in the West and in the East. We need to call it out, and we need to acknowledge that no culture is immune yet. No culture is superior. The act of domestic violence or sexual abuse is a crime wherever it takes place. If we fight and approach it with cultural bias and discrimination, equality isn’t being served and reached. We end up vilifying victims of patriarchy and become the ‘footsoldiers of patriarchy’.