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People banging on about your past mistakes

I have four brothers, and with one of them I don’t have the best relationship. Be it me or be it him. I’m sure if you asked, you’d receive fingers pointing. I’m tired of people reminding me of the mistakes I’ve made. For me it’s a matter of whether I really need someone’s constant nagging… Continue reading People banging on about your past mistakes

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When I moved to the US and came closer to the start of maternity, I knew I’d have time on my hands to start a new project. Something that has always been close to my heart, women’s rights, just seemed to be the best choice in terms of where I could put my energy into.… Continue reading Ubernoise

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‘Tis the holiday season: First mummy steps!

Part 1 of 'tis the holiday season (a series of reflections about the past year and the future to come): my 1st year as a mum! Well, how did that go?

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#metoo – sexism in the recruitment industry

Most companies, I worked for in London, were small businesses. In recruitment, you work hard, and you spend a lot of time with your colleagues. You go out for drinks, sometimes even at lunch time, you have regular company dos and high-flyer-trips, if you’ve hit or exceeded your target. As this work puts a lot… Continue reading #metoo – sexism in the recruitment industry