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Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun and her roar for liberty

Imagine you were born a Muslim. Imagine, you renounced Islam. You don’t live in Germany, nor in the UK. You don’t even live in the US or another secular country. You live in Saudi Arabia, where renouncing Islam can cost your life. What would you do? Would you say it out loud? Really? You would,… Continue reading Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun and her roar for liberty

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Muslim women are not monolithic…

Please have a look at this voice, that should be heard by everyone, who'd like to broaden their horizons in terms of what a Muslim woman could be like, my journey with sexuality. This blog is full of articles, that show, that Muslim women are not a homogenous group. They are different and not only… Continue reading Muslim women are not monolithic…



Today, November 8th, is #Intersexdayofsolidarity. While I can't say much about it, I'd like to link to some sources, that raise awareness and can give you a bit of an insight. Intersex means that you are born with an anatomy that doesn't fit typical binary notions of female and male bodies. A good read is… Continue reading #Intersexdayofsolidarity