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Like a well-oiled machine or a mechanistic way of life

I’ve been back from Europe for a week now, and I’m struggling to get the blogging routine re-started. Then I began to wonder how much of a priority that was anyways. I have ideas for other writing projects. Working part-time, being a mum, managing a blog and working on a WIP… honestly, it’s hard to… Continue reading Like a well-oiled machine or a mechanistic way of life

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I didn’t make this up! Apparently, there’s an informal network out there, seen as men’s spaces, where the focus is on male issues and masculinity. Some see it as the male counterpart to feminism. Not in a good way though. How could it be coined into something good anyways? It’s not about equality, because the… Continue reading Manosphere

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Himpathy. It’a a blend of him and sympathy, and it basically means inappropriate sympathy for a male sexual predator. In times of #metoo, Kate Manne coined this term to describe the disproportionate sympathy powerful men receive over their less powerful female victims. There’s an infinite amount of examples out there: Brett Kavanaugh, Harvey Weinstein, but… Continue reading Himpathy