Sunshine Blogger Award

This is a bit of a different post, but it fits right with what I am trying to do with my blog. So, that's why I'd like to participate in this. What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? It's an award given by peers to bloggers who are positive and inspiring. It's basically like a chain… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

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Reblog: Why I Read Exclusively Female Authors for the Last Few Years and What I’ve Learned.

I came across an article that mirrors a bit what I've been doing since my pregnancy. I focus on reading books by female writers. Particularly feminist books, but any books written by females will provide you with a different perspective on writing and the world really. Women experience this world in a different way. In… Continue reading Reblog: Why I Read Exclusively Female Authors for the Last Few Years and What I’ve Learned.

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Education is necessary – Development Education

Since I left Germany, where education is mostly free and the general view is that everyone should have access to it, I started experiencing what happens when that’s not the case. I could have written the last sentence like this as well: Since I left Germany and the privileged circle I was integrated in, I… Continue reading Education is necessary – Development Education

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You will die for sure!

We know this. Every single one of us will die. We don’t know if there was a before or there’ll be a thereafter. Is there something like reincarnation? What do we do though with this knowledge? What do we do? My dream is to be financially independent, travel, explore different cultures and foods, take photos… Continue reading You will die for sure!

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Celebrate women – International Women’s Day

Thank you to all the women, who have influenced me, stood by my side or angered me. Thank you, mama, you have tried to support me as best as you can. Even though you’re a victim of patriarchy and you can’t escape it for yourself, you have rebelled for me and I see and appreciate… Continue reading Celebrate women – International Women’s Day