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People banging on about your past mistakes

I have four brothers, and with one of them I don’t have the best relationship. Be it me or be it him. I’m sure if you asked, you’d receive fingers pointing. I’m tired of people reminding me of the mistakes I’ve made. For me it’s a matter of whether I really need someone’s constant nagging… Continue reading People banging on about your past mistakes

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Women, who raised me

I had a weird dream, and when I woke up I realised how typical it was of the women, who raised me. In the dream, I got married to a Middle Eastern man. We weren’t living together though, and oddly enough I didn’t hear from him after the wedding proceedings anymore. The females in my… Continue reading Women, who raised me

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Back from Europe

I am back from Europe and my beloved London. There were so many things I wanted to do, but only so many things I got around doing. There’s one moment I kept imagining before I went on this trip, the moment when I got off the airplane with Layali. How I would breathe in London’s… Continue reading Back from Europe