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Muslim women are not monolithic…

Please have a look at this voice, that should be heard by everyone, who'd like to broaden their horizons in terms of what a Muslim woman could be like, my journey with sexuality. This blog is full of articles, that show, that Muslim women are not a homogenous group. They are different and not only… Continue reading Muslim women are not monolithic…

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Finding feminism

I’ve started reading “Can We All Be Feminists?”, which is an anthology of essays by women with very different backgrounds. The first two essays are about the writers' struggles with feminism and it kind of took me back to the past. Growing up as a teen, I was a devout Muslima, a hijabi even. This… Continue reading Finding feminism

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Back from Europe

I am back from Europe and my beloved London. There were so many things I wanted to do, but only so many things I got around doing. There’s one moment I kept imagining before I went on this trip, the moment when I got off the airplane with Layali. How I would breathe in London’s… Continue reading Back from Europe