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Game of Thrones – Why won’t women be allowed to take the lead?

Not so long ago we got to experience the last season of Game of Thrones. While everyone was betting on Daenerys to take the throne, she was betrayed by her lover and finally murdered by him. The brother of her killer got to take the throne. Bran the Broken. But how broken was he? After… Continue reading Game of Thrones – Why won’t women be allowed to take the lead?

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Immigration – Make America white again

Immigration has been a big topic in most Western countries in recent years, but also really in the past. War, poverty, oppression and violence are reasons for people to leave their homes. It’s usually not when war breaks out that they decide to leave. When violence gets so close that it starts being a real… Continue reading Immigration – Make America white again

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Race – a social construct

One of the things that were introduced in How to be less stupid about race was that race is only a social construct, meaning there are no biological differences between the races the human has defined. For further reading and understanding, please look at this and this. Racism is systemic, and that’s why white supremacy has been… Continue reading Race – a social construct


Prisons – necessary evil?

Now - the biggest name I can think of, who spoke out against prisons, is Angela Davis. Whether we talk about prisons as a business or a correctional facility, we have to ask ourselves, whether prisons work. Yes, prisons are businesses in the US, so making sure, they are stocked up with "criminals", makes money!… Continue reading Prisons – necessary evil?