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Around a year ago Mona Eltahawy started #MosqueMeToo. A Pakistani woman, Sabica Khan, wrote a Facebook post about her awful experience at the holy mosque in Mecca. To support her Mona started #MosqueMeToo and tweeted about her experience with sexual assault during hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage. Me too! I was there for umrah and I… Continue reading #mosquemetoo

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Bolero – it takes a bit to open up your voice

Absolutely quiet it starts. One soft voice breaks the silence, but it is timid, maybe cautious, maybe shy. Probably hesitant yet. It addresses a small audience. “This is not right. They are men, and all they intend to do is shut down the female narrative.” We’ve heard it all before. But the small audience has… Continue reading Bolero – it takes a bit to open up your voice