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Immigration – Make America white again

Immigration has been a big topic in most Western countries in recent years, but also really in the past. War, poverty, oppression and violence are reasons for people to leave their homes. It’s usually not when war breaks out that they decide to leave. When violence gets so close that it starts being a real… Continue reading Immigration – Make America white again

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Education is necessary – Development Education

Since I left Germany, where education is mostly free and the general view is that everyone should have access to it, I started experiencing what happens when that’s not the case. I could have written the last sentence like this as well: Since I left Germany and the privileged circle I was integrated in, I… Continue reading Education is necessary – Development Education

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Review of How To Be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal Marie Fleming

This is one of those books, that will fully suck you in from the start. Even if you’ve done some research on racism, history and how it effects society, there’s new things to pick up from here. And – Fleming delivers them with her expertise in a colourful and everything but dry way. Using herself… Continue reading Review of How To Be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal Marie Fleming